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Anush Movsesian

  •  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program (Honors Graduate)

  •  Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program (Honors Graduate)

  •  Member of ISPAN international Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Hi! My name is Anush Movsesian, and I am a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner that specializes in Aesthetic Medicine.  I provide injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments and skincare consultations. My goal as an injector is to always deliver natural results to simply enhance my patient’s inherent beauty and promote healthy glowing skin. By using subtle facial sculpting and creating individualized skincare treatment plans I strive to build self confidence in men and women of all ages. Combining the science of medicine and the art of aesthetics, I want to help my patients recognize the first signs of aging and help slow it down or reverse it.  When I am not helping my patients be the better versions of themselves, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and blogging. I am your go-to beauty guru and a self-proclaimed product junkie, where I blog about all things beauty on my Instagram page @skinsandneeldes. 



Anush Movsesian, BSN, MSN, FNP-C is a highly experienced injector and cosmetic nurse practitioner who currently practices in West Hollywood. Anush graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing from Woodbury University. Anush then went onto create a successful and very popular beauty blogging site before the rise of social media. Anush’s passion for helping others combined with her natural understanding of aesthetics led her towards her current career path and success. She initially received a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) from West Coast University, graduating with high honors. Immediately after obtaining her BSN, she began working with a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for 3 years where she focused on developing her skillset as an injector and skin specialist. While working there she attended Charles Drew University in the Masters and Family Nurse Practitioner program where she graduated with the highest honors. Anush Movsesian, has been intimately involved in aesthetics for a majority of her life. This is now combined with the skills and experiences she has refined as cosmetic nurse practitioner for nearly a decade making her one of the most sought-after injectors and skins consultants in Los Angeles.


"Why do you do what you do?"

There are many ways to positively impact the life and wellbeing of others. Sometimes it is a simple act of kindness. Other times it requires a lifesaving procedure. And in my case its 20cc of botox meticulously injected with the sole purpose of erasing the effect of aging and accentuating the hidden beauty in us all.  It is said that true success in life is when you are able to merge your own passion and skill, with positively impacting others. In this regard I consider myself lucky and successful. My passion for aesthetics and my skills as a nurse are the very crossroads of who am I. 


I realized early on that one of the most important parts of our lives is how we and others perceive ourselves. This is the very basis of confidence and often the first impression people have of us. I always thought if I can help bring out the best of each person, inside and out, utilizing my eye for aesthetics and my skills as a medical professional, I would not only be personally satisfied, but achieve true success. This mantra has guided by path till present day. 


Bringing out a smile or erasing the lines of time, is the very way I bring out the confidence and happiness for each of my patients. Doing this day in and day out, is truly a privilege for me. After all, I love what I do. I love why I do it and the impact it has on all my patients.


"How did you make a name for yourself within your industry?"

Truth is, these days the industry is flooded with beauty influencers, cosmetics specialists, and injectors from all backgrounds and skillsets. However, very few like myself have solely focused their entire career path, their experience building and their skillset development on beauty and aesthetic medicine. When I began this journey over a decade ago, I had this very moment already planned because I knew what I always wanted to do, become an injector and cosmetic nurse practitioner. There are many great nurses out there, and there are just as many people focused on aesthetics, but there are very select few who can skillfully and meticulously merge medicine and aesthetics. This is where I shine, and this is the very ability that sets me apart from the rest within this industry. 



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